Folding, Stacking, Assembling Exhibition

At Higashikawa Town Facility CENTPURE Ⅰ Gallery Ⅰ and CENTPURE Ⅱ Furniture design archives are holding an exhibition called, “Folding, stacking, assembling” from Oda Collection. In the first half, we introduce about 50 works focusing on the “folding” function. Please enjoy the convenience and beautify of the “famous supporting role chairs”.


Folding, Stacking, Assembling Exhibition


October 8(Sat) – December 4(Sun)
December 10(Sat) – March 26(Sun)


Centpure 1 Gallery 1
Time: 10:00 – 17:00
Closed: Mondays (Except holidays) and Year-end and New Year holidays (December 31 – January 5)

Cenpture 2 Furniture design archives
Time: 9:00 – 21:00
Closed: Year-end and New Year holidays (December 31 – January 5)

1-1, 1cho-me, Kitamachi, Higashikawa, Kamikawa [MAP


Organizer: Higashikawa, the Town of Photography
Cooperation: Noritsugu Oda, Oda Collection Organization, Asahikawa Furniture Industry Cooperative