Life at Oda’s residence


“A Mindful life” that Mr. Oda has advocated for a long time and has continued to embody himself. From the way we approach our lives, we can learn the important things in living like a human being in an era where everything demands “efficiency.” Therefore, we closely covered the lifestyle of Oda’s residence in the forest of Hokkaido. From the fall of 2020, we will deliver the seasonal “life of Oda’s residence” through videos. Please experience the real atmosphere of life that can be conveyed only by the video.


Vol.2 Winter life with beautiful lights

A long winter has arrived in Hokkaido. Lighting equipment is very useful in this short season. From immortal literary work to relatively latest items, the beautiful lights created by numerous lighting fixtures gently illuminate Oda’s residence. Under the detailed lighting plan by Mr. Oda himself, the space where the necessary lights are placed where you need it is a beauty that makes you sigh.

Vol.1 Winter preparation in autumn

Autumn at Oda’s residence, where the yellow and red trees shine in the gentle sunlight. It’s a short while to be fascinated by such beautiful scenery. At Oda’s residence, he is busy preparing for the winter as we approach the long winter in Hokkaido. He carefully works on each task and prepares for the coming white season.